When the jackpot really gets up there in a game like Powerball or Mega Millions, a lot of folks ask us: Just what would happen at the lottery when I came there to claim a big prize? Well come on in, and we’ll show you. When you win a jackpot prize (https://mycasinoindex.com/game/tag/jackpot) with an Iowa Lottery ticket you’ll claim that prize here at lottery headquarters in Des Moines. We make a huge deal about our winners often putting up “Congratulations” signs and adding a lot of special touches throughout the day to make it a fun time. After all it isn’t every day that you win the lottery! Just inside our front door you’ll find the celebration zone.

Get out your smartphone because this is where you can take a selfie to document your big day! And if you come this way your next stop is going to be in our validations area. Right around the corner here you will find our lottery terminals. This is where you will turn in your winning ticket and we will scan it with the terminal to make sure you really have won a big prize.

And this is what you’re going to be hoping to hear: You’re a winner! Woo-hoo! (Cheers from big group of winners) There is paperwork you fill out when you win a big prize, so we have our jackpot winners come here to the executive conference room to complete their forms and meet with our security and validation staff. Check it out! We have it all setup up for you.

And next is where the real fun comes in — the BIG check! Let’s head over to where we hold our news conferences. We make it a huge deal when you win big here in Iowa. We want you to have lots of happy memories from your big day. We’ll give you one of these big checks to take home with you as evidence, we’ll take your picture and we’ll give you one of these fun “You’re looking at a winner!” t shirts you can wear as a real conversation piece.

When we introduce you as Iowa’s newest millionaire, its “Lights, Camera, Action!” because we want you to feel like a star. It’s really just that simple.

After those steps your prize claim process will be finished. Hopefully you’ll have had a lot of fun while you were here and you can head out to have your own celebration of your big win! (Car horns honking)