I play video games and I would come up with all these excuses. They would hangout. I would be like oh, I am running late. And I am trying to finish up a game before I go to hangout. I hid it from my extended family. My grandparents did not really know. They knew I played games. They did not know to the extent. And then my parents always gave me such a hard time Just because it was you do not want your kids to play video games Because it is a waste of time. Adam and Tyler Rosen, they are in the eSports group at Blizzard. They came up with the idea of doing a collegiate Heroes of the Dorm tournament Last year to celebrate and support the game launch. They had this idea to do a collegiate, put it altogether, run the tournament and then have it end with this big finals event. And the fact that they are really trying to push the amateur scene, the college scene is a big boost for the industry.

And that is what is so cool about Tespa and about Heroes of the Dorm Looking to go onto college campuses, provide for these students And these student organizations and help them then be part of Tespa And this big collegiate, eSports movement at large. Tespa is an organization that provides a home to people who love gaming And love eSports on every single college campus. We are split into two components. We have the community side, which is all about building these great groups And helping them host great events. And the competitive side, which is hosting these large epic continental leagues With massive prize pool. They are really unique. They are twins obviously. And they answer each other’s questions, write each other’s emails. Both send you the same exact email at exactly the same time and you are like wait a second. But they are really unique. Energetic. Phone calls in the middle of the night.

When they have an idea, it just comes out. It is challenging and really fun at the same time. What is really great about them is both of them have exactly no filter. Exactly what they are thinking is exactly what they tell you. What can we do to fix it? And that is really good, but sometimes really bad. A concern that I found earlier is that the screen is actually wider than the two pillars And I am concerned it is going to block it. I am not sure that the screen’s actually… Look at it. It is totally wider. I do not think it is a problem to have layers and stuff. I think what we should… They want to have their hands in everything. They will want to make sure every little detail is perfect. It is cool because that mindset that they have is infectious to everyone working on any show that they are leading. Just the tiniest details everyone really cares about because they care about it. Daniel Lee and I go to University of Connecticut.