Instant messaging is the main form of communication these days. Whether it’s texting, BBMing, talking on Facebook, tweeting, blogging… Whatever! All the interpersonal communication of this generation is done via technology. We’re always chatting, no matter what else we happen to be up to. We’ve learnt to multi-task – we work and chat, eat and chat, and why should playing online bingo be any different? The creators behind online bingo were quick to realise that although the online format was convenient, it did in a large part take away the social experience that playing bingo has always been. Most websites then instituted one of the best features of any gaming site – the chat function, allowing you to interact with other players whilst you cross out your numbers and try to win big!

However, this form of communication comes with its own simple rules and regulations. You don’t want to go irritating other players, and similarly you want them to behave in a civilized manner towards you. This has led to the invention of a few simple rules to follow regarding chat etiquette – or chatiquette.

Be aware of the conversation – when entering a chat, be sure to read the last few posts to see what is going on. You don’t want to interrupt anyone!

Be polite – manners don’t cost a thing, and being polite from the offset will make other players more likely to want to interact with you.

Type correctly – an extension of being polite, make sure that you type coherently so others can understand you, and don’t type ALL IN CAPITALS – that’s shouting, and it’s rude.

Interact with everyone – don’t ignore people who are trying to talk to you, unless they are being particularly rude or unpleasant. If you cannot talk to someone, or don’t want to, at least quickly explain that this is the case.

Positive attitude – don’t enter a room and start making miserable or unconstructive comments. These chat rooms are supposed to be cheerful, friendly places!