Once again ladies and gentlemen, if you have received your thunder sticks please have a seat. Our program is about to begin. Arizona State has been looking great. Michael Udall and the rest of the roster are just such legends when it comes to Heroes of the Dorm. They were in 2015. They made it all the way to the finals against California, Berkeley. They did fall in (UNCLEAR) but here they are back. And this season, 2016, looking for that redemption. We are here live at the massive Century Field Event Center where our final four teams will be battling it out in Blizzard Entertainment’s team brawler, Heroes of the Storm. Guys, it is so good to be down here with you. Oh, man. Team One, stand by with your welcome bonuses Ireland. All right, we have been signed. Let’s do this. We are going 12 to 11. Anybody could win and Artosis, this crowd is insane. They were lined up around the block.

And I know they are just as excited as we are to see… UT Arlington has only dropped one game this entire tournament. …started over a month ago with over 500 teams signing up for our online qualifiers. And now we are here today in the Heroic Four supporting four amazing teams. We have Tennessee, UT Arlington, UConn and Arizona State. Standby Heroic Four. Standby (UNCLEAR) Ten, nine, eight, seven… What is their main objective? To destroy their opponent’s core and take home the ultimate prize. Tuition for their college careers. Everything that I do in my life right now is working towards getting onto the big stage of video gaming. I have thought about it and wrestled with it a lot. Like schoolwork, professional gaming, which one reaps more benefits. But I think this is one of the only times that I will have the opportunity. So I want to chase it.

Where is it going? Well, it is not a fad. And it is not a choice. It has been here long before me. It is time to begin game number one. Let us make some noise for Arizona State versus UC Berkeley. Heroes of the Dorm, an eSports video game. You think it is 1.2 billion and 1.3 billion depending on what source you look at. Basically everyone plays some video games today. (UNCLEAR) State and (UNCLEAR) not… In the future, eSports is going to grow exponentially as it is right now. What is this? I think you can go to the same levels we see any traditional sporting expressions go to. If not further. We are on TV. eSports is on TV. Last year’s Heroes of the Dorm made sports history as Cal Berkeley… Arizona State. In 2015, Arizona State, in a five-game series, just barely lost it. I just do not want to lose. I lost last year. I want to know the first thing I think, what goes through my mind is I do not want to get second place this year. I am going for first. GG. UC Berkeley has done it.