They are your winners. Give it up for your Heroes of the Dorm. UC Berkeley, due to a small mistake from Arizona State University is able to secure a win. Look at the confetti; they are so happy, jumping everywhere; this is fantastic. There is definitely a contrast of sadness because obviously we are so close But last year, I was just happy getting into the final four. Whereas this year, I think I will not be happy unless we win. I think that is a big thing is my goal is a lot different this year than last year. My name is Michael Udall and I go to ASU. I am not positive what I am studying. Right now, I am taking a semester or two, it sounds cliché, but find myself. I am taking a lot of classes that I find fascinating.

I think I am going to go towards a sociology degree though. I grew up in Mesa, Arizona, which is about 20 minutes east of Phoenix. It is funny; in high school, Mesa was rated the most boring city in the country. Or it was top five, something in there, which surprised me Because I always had a lot of fun. I would say I had amazing parents amazing family. There are four of us, so four of us kids. There is my older brother his name is Joseph. He was always my role model in high school. I always looked up to him because he was so cool. Him and his friends would always play Halo. They would have Halo hookups. And when Joseph and his friends would game Michael was right there gaming with them. When he was seven, I walked into the room and he is orchestrating all the kids. They are all older than he is, but he is telling everyone what to do. The Udall name is really well known in Arizona because they were some of the first pioneers.

My grandfather, in particular, he was very involved in politics and things like that. I was definitely that mom that limited their TV, limited their computer time limited their game system time. They would have to earn time to do that. Video games were always a silent passion of mine. That is the best way I would put it. I did not let any of my friends especially computer games I did not let any of my friends know that I play them. Every once in a while, I would play Halo with a couple of my friends. But that was different; that is more for fun, that is social. But video games, especially on the computer were a no-no. And all of my friends, they would make fun of kids that played video games on the computer, which is awkward for me because I was in the friend group and it was this, I honestly felt like it was my deep, dark secret.